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Testimonial Ab de Moor - TEAM Terminal

"ISO 55000 certification is not a goal, but the standard is important. At TEAM Terminal we have hardware so Asset Management is relevant. We have ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System), ISO 9001 (Quality Management System), OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System ) and we were wondering if we also would like to have the new ISO 55000 certificate. ZAAM and AssetPouwer have done research to find out how the team is involved and where are so-called gaps if we are to be certified.

The purpose of the gap analysis by ZAAM and AssetPouwer was among other things to get weaknesses revealed. TEAM Terminal’s preference was a group interview, so the interviewees can complement each other. The individual interviews that were carried out showed unexpected and unknown weaknesses. These weaknesses that were found did not always correspond to reality, because the interviewee did not know all the ins and outs. By interviewing In this way, we saw that mutual communication could be improved.

Based on interviews with key officials, AssetPouwer and ZAAM looked at everything the organization faces: how do you maintain, how the methodology is structured, etc. After that, the conclusions were shared. Some results we expected, but also other opportunities for improvement were identified. These have been addressed now. It has not been decided yet if we will strive for an ISO 55000 certificate.

The feedback from those interviewed was positive: the interviewers did what they promised and knew what they were talking about. Cooperation with AssetPouwer and ZAAM is good, it is a good team with good knowledge.




Ab de Moor
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