Advice & Interim Management

Asset Management exploration

What does good asset management bring you? AssetPouwer provides prictical insight.

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Asset Management awareness

Support with the creation of support for improvements in the field of asset management.

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Gap analysis ISO 55000

How good is your asset management system and are there points for improvement?

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Definition improvements

We determine the value of asset management improvements and help you to set priorities.

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Change Management

Within 6 months durable improvement of asset management and cooperation.

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ISO 55000 certification

Support for a smooth certification project.

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Gap Analysis ISO 55000

You would like to know how good the asset management system of your organization really is, how good your organization performs asset management, and what the points for improvement are.

Our offer

AssetPouwer uses the ISO 55000 or PAS 55 standard to assess how good the asset management system is organized. We also assess to what extent the activities on the area of asset management are actually performed. This gap analysis is executed in the form of a maturity scan. We can use the following techniques for this scan:

  • Analysis of processes, means and information;
  • Interviews with involved persons;
  • Investigation of the performance of activities in the practice;
  • Placing the observations in a maturity scale.


  • Report of the extent to which your asset management system and asset management activities comply with ISO 55001 or PAS 55 in the form of a maturity scan;
  • Explanation on what aspects your asset management system and asset management activities could be improved.


What maturity is needed for your organization?

Besides aforementioned gap analysis, we can also assess if the way in which the asset management activities are performed is right to comply with the asset management objectives. For this, we use the services of the specialists if needed.


  • Estimation of the extent to which you can comply with your asset management objectives with the current asset management activities;
  • Estimation of the improvement potential.