Advice & Interim Management

Asset Management exploration

What does good asset management bring you? AssetPouwer provides prictical insight.

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Asset Management awareness

Support with the creation of support for improvements in the field of asset management.

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Gap analysis ISO 55000

How good is your asset management system and are there points for improvement?

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Definition improvements

We determine the value of asset management improvements and help you to set priorities.

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Change Management

Within 6 months durable improvement of asset management and cooperation.

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ISO 55000 certification

Support for a smooth certification project.

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ISO 55000 Certification

Your asset management is settled or you are busy to get it settled. You want to prove to the regulator or stakeholders that you have your asset management under control. Or you want to set your employees a concrete goal when implementing improvements on the area of asset management. ISO 55001 certification could then be a means to achieve this.

Our offer

During an improvement project, AssetPouwer helps you prepare for the ISO 55001 certification. We already make links to the ISO 55001 requirements during a gap analysis. During the definition and implementation phases of asset management improvements we continuously update the ISO 55001 compliance files. We visualise in what way you comply with ISO 55001 and what are the supporting processes, methods, systems, etc. We discuss this with the certification body in a very early stage, so you will not be surprised at the end of the ride.


  • Clarity, early in the process, on the requirements for ISO 55001 certification;
  • Certification file with the ISO 55001 requirements linked to related processes and documents.

N.B. AssetPouwer does not carry out the certification itself. We focus on realizing improvements on the area of asset management.


NEN Asset Management Committee ISO 55000 ISO 55001AssetPouwer follows and influences the developments in the field of asset management and ISO 55000. We are a member of the ISO/TC 251 Asset Management Committee".