Advice & Interim Management

Asset Management exploration

What does good asset management bring you? AssetPouwer provides prictical insight.

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Asset Management awareness

Support with the creation of support for improvements in the field of asset management.

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Gap analysis ISO 55000

How good is your asset management system and are there points for improvement?

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Definition improvements

We determine the value of asset management improvements and help you to set priorities.

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Change Management

Within 6 months durable improvement of asset management and cooperation.

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ISO 55000 certification

Support for a smooth certification project.

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Asset Management awareness

Asset management is a catchall term for many. For one person it is all about maintenance optimization, another person believes it is about finance and a third person thinks asset management is just a new name for something that has been common practice for years. How good asset management helps them in their daily work and what their contribution is to realizing the organizational objectives is often a bridge too far.

Our offer

AssetPouwer helps you explain your employees what asset management is and what an asset management system is. We involve people on all levels of the organization and have them experience what contribution they make to the organizational objectives and how good asset management can help them in their daily work. We use several means and methods to achieve this:

  • Interactive presentations about asset management and ISO 55000 or PAS 55;
  • The Asset Management Game; a board game on the area of asset management that leads to insight, awareness and support;
  • Workshops in which we discuss a current asset management activity of your organization from up close, and investigate with your employees what the improvement potential could be.

When there is sufficient support in the organization, we can continue with the next step: the gap analysis. Aforementioned activities are important input for the approach of this analysis.


  • Familiarity with asset management in the organization;
  • Starting awareness of the interrelation of asset management, the organizational objectives and one’s own part in this;
  • Supported Plan of Approach for a gap analysis.