Advice & Interim Management

Project advice asset management

Suiting your project or service to your client’s objectives and organization.

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Organizational development asset mgt.

Integration of your organization with your client´s asset management system.

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A winning offer by integrating asset management and ISO 55000 in your tender.

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Project advice asset management

As a supplier of new infrastructure and industrial systems and upgrade and maintenance of these, you want to deliver a good product to your client: the asset owner, or asset manager. You want your project or service to suit your client’s objectives and organization in the best possible way. And you want to be able to communicate with your client on a strategic / tactical level.

Integration in the client’s process

Asset management model service providersAssetPouwer helps you making a good connection between your project or service to your client’s asset management processes. This can relate to the area of information exchange, the way it is performed, response times, awareness, analysis methods, optimization, etc.

Life Cycle Costing

(Design) choices often affect costs, profit and performance in the course of the life cycle. We help you with LCC calculations. We have special LCC software that we can use to calculate different variants. You can also use the reports we can generate with the LCC software, to advise your client.

Performance and asset management objectives

AssetPouwer helps you connect your performance reports to your client’s asset management objectives. This gives your client a clear overview of your contribution and you can communicate clearly by means of parameters that are relevant to your client.

Strategic advice

You can advise your client on tactic / strategic level based on the performance of your service or project and your staff’s experiences. AssetPouwer helps you convert your experiences to advice for your client. This advice could comprise of, for example, processes, information exchange, other service procedures or the replacement of assets. This enables you to build a sustainable relation with your client.