Advice & Interim Management

Project advice asset management

Suiting your project or service to your client’s objectives and organization.

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Organizational development asset mgt.

Integration of your organization with your client´s asset management system.

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A winning offer by integrating asset management and ISO 55000 in your tender.

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Organizational development of asset management for contractors and service providers

As a service provider or contractor you mainly deliver services on operational level. The power of your organization is in your technical expertise and the experience in your field. Your organization wants to develop on the area of asset management. This will make you a good sparring-partner for your clients on both strategic and tactical level.

Your and your client’s processes

Asset management model service providersAssetPouwer helps you to arrange your organization in a way that your products and services suit your client’s asset management systems and processes. We use an ISO 55000 based model for this. If you have a quality management system in conformity with ISO 9001, we help you with an optimum integration of it.

Life cycle management

Many contractors and service providers deliver services and products at different moments in the life cycle of a client’s system. Think of design, construction, maintenance, modifications and demolition. We help you arranging your organization in a way that these services and products are well integrated. This leads to long-term optimum results for your client and you will evolve from supplier to partner.

Performance improvement

Continuous monitoring and evaluation of projects leads to a continuous performance improvement and makes sure you can close the PDCA cycle. This applies to the projects and services itself, but also to future products and services. AssetPouwer helps you determine what information is useful to collect, and how you can use this information to improve your products and services to make sure your clients achieve their objectives.