Advice & Interim Management

Project advice asset management

Suiting your project or service to your client’s objectives and organization.

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Organizational development asset mgt.

Integration of your organization with your client´s asset management system.

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A winning offer by integrating asset management and ISO 55000 in your tender.

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Asset Management services for service providers and contractors

As a service provider, you want to satisfy your client’s needs in the best possible way. Your clients, the asset owners and asset managers are developing on the area of asset management and use standards like ISO 55000 to do so. You as a contractor, service provider, or manufacturer of industrial systems or infrastructure can be one step ahead of the competition by anticipating to this

ISO 55000 asset management model 

Asset management model service providersAssetPouwer developed an ISO 55000 based model that helps you finding this connection with the asset owner or asset manager. You can use this model to make a connection between your products and services, and the client’s asset management system. Moreover, it also indicates what your organization should do to achieve this. You can then become a full partner for your clients.

The blocks above contain a selection of our services for contractors, service providers and manufacturers of industrial systems and infrastructure.