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Seminar Asset Management Control 2016

Asset Management Control Seminar 2015On November 3, 2016 the seminar "Asset Management Control" took place. This seminar is organised yearly in cooperation with Dutch Defence. More than 200 participants shared their challenges, experiences and solutions in the field of asset management at the Stroe Armybase.

In the morning the keynote speakers MSc. René Kalmann KLM, BSc. Robert Jan Feijen TBI Infra and CDRE MA. Richard Laurijssen of Dutch Defence provided a plenary presentation.

René Kalmann presented how KLM Airfrance monitors and optimizes fleet value throughout its lifetime. One of the issues he elaborated on was the impact of unique design changes on maintenance and residual value. He also showed how KLM reduces monopolistic OEM dependence.

Robert Jan Feijen of TBI Infra showed how an asset management framework based on ISO 55001 facilitates Coentunnel Company in their operations. Elements such as good risk management and appropriate KPIs provide confidence among investors and the client. The performance measurement system based on measurement by sensors in the tunnel contribute to high transparency.

Commodore Richard Laurijssen stated that operational, technical and financial controls of weapon systems are being integrated. Availability of appropriate information is essential in order to get more control on LCC. Dutch Defence implements various tools such as a dashboard in order to achieve this.

In the afternoon, 21 presentations were provided by the AMC partners. AssetPouwer and Rainmen Europe together presented their vision on asset management, cooperation and behaviour.