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Seminar Asset Management Control 2015

Asset Management Control Seminar 2015On November 5, 2015 the Asset Management Control Seminar with the theme "Get Across" took place at the Woensdrecht airbase in The Netherlands. Experts from several sectors put forward challenges in the field of asset management and presented their solutions. 

In the morning, keynote speakers Bram Alkema from Enexis, Jan Swier from ProRail (the Dutch Rail Infrastructure Manager) and Commodore Richard Laurijssen from the Dutch Department of Defence presented for the entire audience.

Bram Alkema presented how risk-based asset management helps Enexis to manage their corporate values. It supports the rationalization of discussions with the board of directors, shareholders and other stakeholders. Also for staff it provides clarity and predictability. He emphasized the importance of involving all stakeholders in the change process, from the very beginning.

Jan Swier from ProRail showed how decisions related to the way ProRail is organised, effect the performance of assets. He made a passionate argument for linking the logistics value chain and asset value over the life cycle. Jan also highlighted risk management as a means to connect management objectives to the realization of activities by service providers.

Commodore Richard Laurijssen pointed that the values ​​(operational availability) of an asset over the life cycle must be the guiding principle for decisions. During the various stages of the life cycle different stakeholders (requirements manager, user, maintenance manager, standards manager, purchaser, auditor and project manager) should have appropriate influence. He argued that asset management is a team effort. In addition, the Dutch Department of Defence is increasingly interested in cooperation with third parties and experts outside the defence organisation.

discussion asset managementIn the afternoon 21 presentations were presented by the AMC partners.

AssetPouwer offered the opportunity to get acquainted with the Asset Management Game. A board game that facilitates the discussion on asset management. The Asset Management Game is often used as a tool in change management processes. Many participants seized the opportunity and played it a few rounds. Using the game, they discussed the different aspects of asset management.