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RET opens Beverwaard depot

On August 15, 2011, RET (the Rotterdam public transportation company) opened its new Beverwaard depot. The major part of Citadis tram maintenance is performed in this depot. When building the depot, the focus was laid on its sustainability. Thus, the depot was built with sustainable materials and the trams are washed with rainwater. Ms. Baljeu, the port, traffic and regional economy executive of the municipality of Rotterdam, performed the official opening of the depot and the P + R site of Beverwaard.

AssetPouwer contributed to the realization of this depot by supervising the European Tendering procedure, installation and commissioning of both an underground wheel lathe and a wheel measurement system. On the underground wheel lathe, worn out wheels of the trams will be re-profiled.

Kuilwielenbank Remise Beverwaard