Advice & Interim Management

European tendering and contract management workshop equipment

RETAn underground wheel lathe and a wheel measuring system are installed in RET’s new Beverwaard depot., an underground wheel lathe and a wheel measuring system are installed. An underground wheel lathe is a system used to re-profile worn out tram wheels. Through the wheel measuring system, the physical state of tram wheels can be measured automatically.

AssetPouwer has carried out the complete European Tendering for this workshop equipment, including the development of functional specifications, call for tenders, supplier selection and conducting negotiations with the selected supplier.

AssetPouwer also leads the project management of the installation and acceptance of the systems in the workshop, staff training and its integration into operational processes.

The RET Beverwaard depot is now equipped with an underground wheel lathe that is very suitable for its trams. Moreover, this underground wheel lathe provides an important ergonomic improvement over the underground wheel lathes in other workshops. The wheel measuring system enables RET to measure the tram wheels fully automatically and generates automatic work orders for trams whose wheels need to be re-profiled. This leads to substantial cost savings in maintenance.