Advice & Interim Management

Business case and risk analysis equipment

RETRET strives for perfectly organized public transportation services in the Rotterdam region, with the highest quality for the travellers. In order to guarantee this in the future as well, RET is building a new workshop for its trams and metros. RET planned to install additional equipment in this workshop, in order to avoid tram and metro unavailability, as a result of failing equipment in other workshops.

Business case

AssetPouwer conducted a risk analysis and drew up a business case for equipment RET planned to invest in. The business case explicitly addressed future developments such as capacity needs, developments in maintenance and exploitation concession changes.

Risk analysis

The risk analysis related to equipment in all RET tram and metro workshops. AssetPouwer investigated several scenarios and related the quantified risks (ultimately the unavailability of the tram or metro fleet) to the RET corporate values.

To manage the risks examined, AssetPouwer investigated different measures. These fell into three categories: investment in new equipment, cooperation with other public transportation companies and outsourcing activities to commercial parties. For all the measures we assessed the risk reduction, costs, process consequences and internal acceptance. This resulted in an efficiency per measure and a qualitative assessment.

The study was conducted in close cooperation with stakeholders within RET at different levels.

Considerable saving

The investigation showed that the risks could be managed best and most efficiently by outsourcing activities to third parties, in case of incidents. AssetPouwer advised how this can be done concretely, including the options that various commercial parties offered. This allowed RET to responsibly waive a major investment. This resulted in a considerable saving.


”The investigation resulted in a direct saving of over one million Euros for RET."

- Rob van der Werf - Manager Fleet Services RET