Advice & Interim Management


AssetPouwer works of leading organizations and companies that own or manage valuable assets. Below a selection of performed projects is listed.

ISO 55001 Asset Management gap analysis

TEAM Terminal wants to be in control over its assets so it can secure the continuity and safety better. AssetPouwer investigated on what aspects the asset management could be improved, using ISO 55001.

TEAM Terminal

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PAS 55 Asset management gap analysis

ProRail strives for operational excellence and desires to improve its daily performance both on the track and in stations. AssetPouwer ran an assessment based on PAS 55 to see which aspects of asset management can be further improved and came up with concrete proposals for improvement.


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Workshops Asset Management

Several organizations would like to have more insight into the aspects of asset management, want to create support for change or want to share knowledge. AssetPouwer organised several workshops in which the Asset Management Game was used successfully.

Ballast NedamStruktonRWSNVDOStrabagProRailWaterschap Stichtse Rijnlanden




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Business case and risk analysis equipment

Public transportation company RET is investing in a new workshop for tram and metro. AssetPouwer conducted a risk analysis and drew up a business case for equipment RET planned to invest in. The investigation resulted in a great saving for RET.




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Benchmark market conformity maintenance

GBB strives to be the preferred transport company in Amsterdam. Adrie Pouwer conducted a benchmark study in the field of maintenance and came up with proposals for further performance improvement. 


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European tendering and contract management rolling stock

NS (The Dutch Railway) is responsible for transporting over 1 million passengers daily. To achieve this, NS requires reliable rolling stock. Within many rolling stock acquisition projects, Adrie Pouwer played a leading role in the areas of RAMS and LCC.


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European tendering and contract management workshop equipment

The public transport company RET in Rotterdam has build a new depot for its trams. AssetPouwer led the entire deployment of major equipment in this workshop.


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