Advice & Interim Management

ISO 55000 - Assetmanagement

THE new asset management standard. What does this standard look like?

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ISO 55000 target group

Who is ISO 55000 meant for, and what can you use it for?

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ISO 55001 certification

Everything you want to know about ISO 55001 certification

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Fundamentals ISO 55000

ISO 55000 is based on four fundamentals:

  • "Value: Assets exist to provide value to the organization and its stakeholders."
  • "Alignment: Asset management translates the organizational objectives into technical and financial decisions, plans and activities."
  • "Leadership: Leadershio and workplace culture are determinants of realization of value."
  • "Assurance: Asset Management gives assurance that assets will fulfil their required purpose."


Source: ISO 5500:2014(E), published by ISO, Geneve