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iMaintain Congress 2015

iMaintain PlatformMaintenance is top-class sport. Maintenance of industrial systems takes place on a high level. The often higher age of systems, the pressure on performance and compliance with legislation and regulation all determine the playing field. And although the industry can be proud of the achieved results: there is more to achieve!

We are going for gold at iMaintain 2015, the NVDO’s  and the iMaintain platform’s annual congress. At March 19 2015 we showcase top achievements and search for answers. What drive do you need to become the best? What can you gain with new techniques? What is the potential of social innovation? And how do you prevent the invention of gold plated solutions?

Would you like to know in what way asset management and ISO 55000 could help you achieve these top achievements? As a member of the iMaintain platform, AssetPouwer attends the iMaintain congress. Please make an appointment so we can meet. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

You can find the program and register at the iMaintain congress website.