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Game elements Asset Management Game

The participants of the asset management game are asset managers of a harbour and a fleet of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Together with the other asset managers, they make sure that the offered load can be shipped all over the world so the VOC’s company goal can be complied with.

Many serious aspects of asset management are discussed in a playful way. A pick from the elements that are discussed in the game:

  • Do participants invest in the right assets at the right moment, or does the load accumulate?
  • What kind of risks do the participants focus on? Do they risk an incident with costs, unavailability or less market offer as the consequence? How can the risk matrix be used here?
  • What strategy do the participants adopt to achieve the goals?
  • Is there sufficient information to manage the assets?
  • Is the interest of the own harbour or VOC’s company interests at the central point of attention?

Workshop Asset Management