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EFNMS Asset Management Survey 2011

EFNMS How organizations manage their physical assets in practiceDecember 2012 the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies (EFNMS) published the “European Vision Document Physical asset Management”. This study was based on a survey comprising 112 organisations from 24 different countries and 23 industrial sectors.

The study shows the organisational maturity of these companies for a number of important asset management aspects as listed in PAS55:

  • Asset management strategy & planning
  • Risk and review
  • Lifecycle delivery
  • Asset knowledge
  • Organisation and people

The document concludes that, for most organisations, the aspects that have the largest potential for improvement are:

  1. Risk and review
  2. Asset knowledge
  3. Asset management strategy & planning

It was mentioned however that large differences exist between different industrial sectors. Especially for the aspect risk and review and the aspect asset knowledge great variability exists.