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Developments ISO 55000 series

ISOIn October 2016 a meeting of the ISO TC 251 Asset Management Committee took place in Redlands (USA). This committee takes care of the further development of the ISO 55000 series.

The important decision that was taken, is that ISO 55000 and ISO 55001 will remain unchanged for the time being. This gives peace of mind for organizations that orient themselves on certification or are in the process to achieve that.

An update of ISO 55002 is in development. New appendices are defined in which major themes that relate to ISO 55001 requirements will be drawn up. The following annexes are in development: Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP), scope, value, decision criteria, finance and risk management. In addition, the ISO 55002 text will be improved. Note that ISO 55002 provides an explanation of ISO 55001 in which the requirements are defined. At the moment these requirements remain unchanged.

For finance a subgroup exists. The first drafts this subgroup produced show that great strides are made in the integration between finance and asset management.



NEN Asset Management Committee ISO 55000 ISO 55001AssetPouwer follows and influences the developments in the field of asset management and ISO 55000. We are a member of the ISO/TC 251 Asset Management Committee".