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Development of ISO 55000 Asset Management officially launched

On March 4, 2011, the first official meeting of ISO PC251 Working Group was held in Melbourne. This ISO working group is developing a new standard in the field of asset management, ISO 55000.

PAS 55, the British standard for asset management, was taken as a basis for ISO 55000. During this meeting, the first ISO 55000 drafts were discussed. It was also decided that the standard should be consistent with the recently published standard in the field of risk management: ISO 31000

ISO 55000 will consist of three parts:

  • ISO 55000 Asset Management - Overview, principles and terminology
  • ISO 55001 Asset Management - Requirements
  • ISO 55002 Asset Management - Guidelines on the application of ISO 55001

The first and second part of the next draft are expected to be available by June 2011. The draft of the third part will follow in August 2011. The total development of ISO 55000 is expected to take three years.