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Asset Management Game

Implementing changes on the area of asset management is not easy. You may have a good idea and know exactly what should take place, but is this the same for other people within your organization? Where are the points for improvement? And how can you get everyone to join?

Board game

The asset management game is a board game designed as means for change processes on the area of asset management. In a workshop, the asset management principles are placed in a (historical) game context. This allows participants to zoom in on the own organization from a relatively unprejudiced point of view. The most important aspects of asset management are discussed during the game (on the basis of PAS 55 or ISO 55000). The participants then project these aspects on to the own organization.

Target group

The asset management game is made for capital intensive organizations: infrastructure managers, fleet owners, municipalities, district water boards, electricity companies, drinking water companies, etc.


The workshop could, depending on the focus, lead to different results:

  • insight into the aspects of asset management and their interrelationships;
  • realization of how asset management intertwines within the entire organization;
  • identification of strengths and improvement points on the area of asset management (quick scan PAS 55 / ISO 55000);
  • support for change.


First we meet to identify what goals you want to achieve. Depending on these goals, we design the workshop. We could – for example - design the questions of the game specifically for your organization, or focus on a certain aspect of asset management.

De asset management game was developed in cooperation with Ibidem.

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